Owner Patricia Maringer was born in the Appalachian Mountains.  Her late husband Werner Maringer would unabashedly tell anyone, “I was born in the most beautiful city in the World – Salzburg.”  Salzburg is in Austria, close to the mountainous southeast border of Germany and the home of Mozart and “The Sound of Music”.


After moving from city to city for 20+ years in the Hotel Industry, we wanted to settle down in a place that reminded us both of our birthplaces, and Lake Lure was the answer.  We bought the heavily wooded seven acres on a small mountain in the heart of town, and started building our home.  Opening the Bed and Breakfast in 1995 and the German Restaurant in 1997 we continued to expand with individual cabins;  adding in-ground pool, bier garden, extensive flower gardens and kept the surrounding woodlands for privacy.   Patricia says, “It has been a labor of love for people, that has made the Inn so special.”  “We’ve enjoyed life-long friends, overseeing the joys of marriages, giving a loving haven during sadness, and watching new generations grow.”  It was only with the unexpected sudden death of Mr. Maringer that the Inn and restaurant finally closed, and presently Patricia offers only lodging in the vacation cabins rentals .  She would love to hear directly from you to offer specials if you have particular lodging needs.